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colloidal water -
water of the highest chemical-physical quality

What are colloids?


The term colloid refers to forms of a certain size; namely between 100 and 1 nanometer. In the range of these nanostructures, different physical laws apply than in the macroscopic world we know. Here, the so-called forces of form exceed the physical forces, cancel gravity and unfold possibilities of intelligent self-organization.


This is the secret of biology; the answer to the question why our DNA can keep our body in order down to the last molecule.


In the body, two forms of colloids play an important role: solids and water spheres, which serve as transport vehicles for these solids. In our body fluids, blood, lymphatics and connective tissue fluids, streams of nutrients and waste materials flow in these colloidal water spheres like armadas of small glass submarines, clearly sorted by content.


During transport, like magically attracts like, while DNA controls where which stream of nutrients is needed and through which channel toxins are to be eliminated.


By cancelling out gravitational forces, nanoparticles are able to organize themselves into clusters, a fine distribution of individual particles at strictly defined spatial distances. Thus, through this cluster structure, matter unfolds a consciousness-compatible field. These fields become part of the body's own consciousness fields, which are responsible for self-organization in biology.


These are the three secrets of the colloid technique.

If I know the "magic" sizes of the solid particles; if I embed these particles in water colloids that integrate directly and immediately into the body's colloid streams; and if I control the dosage so that the cluster densities with their associated fields integrate harmoniously into the body's order, then I speak the language of biology, and can give the body what it needs in a way that it understands and can absorb and incorporate directly into its metabolism without effort or barriers to overcome.

Colloids are characterized by pronounced Absorptionsvermögen, which is guaranteed by the surface tension forces of the particles.

Figure 1: Flow guidance of the water in the ultra-colloidator in longitudinal section.
Figure 2: Top view of the water flow in the ultra-colloidator.
The secret
the colloid technique


Do you also think that what doctors call illnesses are actually deficiency symptoms or detoxification processes?


Nutrients and toxins share one and the same transport system in the body. Particles float in water, wrapped in blood, lymph and connective tissue fluids, slip through cell walls and thus reach their destination: in or out.


This system only works if the nutrient and poison particles have a certain size, because then they fit into the body's own water cover, so-called water colloids.

In this way, the body works like a well-developed motorway, multi-lane, and so every passenger arrives at their destination without traffic jams.


SiriSana products are the optimal colloidal size. After the special colloidal processing of the liquids such as silicon dioxide, magnesium chloride or silver, the active ingredients are located in finished water colloids ex works.

The body can absorb them immediately and transport them to their destination.


For this we use the products of SanoVita AG. Their particle mills and water colloidators are unique in terms of precision and quality.


The goal: optimal bioavailability.

In harmony with nature

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The secret of infopathy

Infopathy © what is it and how does it work?

Infopathy is the synthesis of the most successful information medicine techniques.

It integrates the possibilities of homeopathy, radionics, quantum healing, milieu medicine and psycho-kinesiology.


The Institute for Infopathy UG in Radolfzell on Lake Constance builds on the living legacy of Ekkehard Sirian Scheller, who has developed the basics of Infopathy and an extensive archive of radionic signatures over 20 years of practice.

These signatures flow into the individual therapy at the institute as well as into the development of SiriSana products.


Today the institute faces the new challenges of our time; the developing diseases of civilization, such as the autism spectrum, autoimmune and degenerative diseases and the final treatment of the COVID complex.

This includes not just the disease itself, but the long-term damage caused by the infection, vaccination damage, and the consequences of shedding.


The SiriSana products represent optimal combinations of nutritional supplements

and infopathy.


The minerals such as silicon dioxide and magnesium chloride that the body needs are filled with information that tells the body where regeneration has to take place.

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