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SiriSana product lines
powered by the Institute for Infopathy -  Information Recipes
Infopathy" is a combination of the latest findings of HP E. S. Scheller's information mediators and the experience gained from his many years of successful practice work. 

more information about the Scheller Healing Centre.


This knowledge has given rise to this novel SiriSana product range.


The infopathics can act as a mirror of recognition for faulty, or unbalanced conditions and lead our out-of-balance body system back into symbiosis, provided that the human being is open to development and ready to experience new ways within himself.


      Because, the human being always heals himself, infopathy

       is simply an impulse-giver and mediator in this process.

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The body system takes in all the information necessary for balancing and those that are not helpful evaporate, acting according to the law of resonance.

Information, radionically produced and transmitted, are ultimately codes that our wise organism accepts when needed, or neutralises when not needed.

They serve our liberation from all ascertainable burdens and can never do any harm.


Multi-layered information medicine is the future and already also the present of medicine and leads to the greatest possible balancing of the human being and all life forms.


If infopathy is applied to humans or animals, the following boundary conditions should be observed:


  • Infopathy is not a recognised healing method.

  • No healing promises or healing statements are made in this regard.

  • Infopathy also never treats a disease.

  • It does not even use any material agent.

  • Water, minerals , salt and frequencies do not carry any risks or side effects.

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