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Time loop solution


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Long Covid

Covid-19 infections lead to lasting symptoms in a relatively high percentage of patients, causing problems even after actual healing. However, these are not damages, but imbalances.


FOUR different complexes could be identified here:


  • An imbalance in the intestinal flora that produces three types of snake venom and one poison appearing in cone snails. There seems to be a genetic transfer of covid-strands happening to then modified gut bacteria.

  • An imbalance in the hemoglobin-ferritin ratio. Hemoglobin is the iron-based oxygen store of the blood, ferritin is the iron form in which the body stores iron reserves.

  • An imbalance of the cobaldamine cycle. This cycle affects the formation of B vitamins in the liver, which affects the function of the immune system, energy and protein metabolism, hematopoiesis and nerves.

  • A disbalance of the thyriod, that alters T-hormone production.


All these imbalances can be rebalanced by drug treatment.

Please refer your treating physician or alternative practitioner to the appropriate protocols.

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