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Time loop solution


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Acute infection

There are many claims about Covid 19.
According to dictionary:

Corona is the common cold. Some claim there are no viruses, some say corona viruses are exosomes, the body's own cell organelles that detoxify the body. The only thing that is certain is that there was gain-of-function research in Wuhan in which bat-cold "pathogens" were modified so that they could be transmitted to humans, funded by the American chief virologist Fauci.


Controversial to this day are the theses that the RNA in question contains sequences of AIDS and Spanish flu.


Controversial in the literal sense, with death threats, censorship and slander. Looking at the first wave, it is disputed whether people died from Covid, from the rolling out of 5G networks, or from the medical measures to which the sickened people were subjected.


Today, it is considered certain that Covid first starts as an infection of the respiratory tract, from there it infects the bronchi, and then, unlike all known pathogens, it tunnels through the intestinal walls into the blood, where it infects the blood and the internal vascular walls. This leads to an increased risk of thrombosis, oxygen deficiency, the so-called covid feet and hemorrhages under the skin.


The spike protein that makes up the protein coat of the pathogens, which serves as the key with which the pathogens attack cells for replication, has turned out to be extremely toxic.


If the immune system is overwhelmed with the removal of these protein envelopes, the result is a cytokine storm, a lethal overreaction of the immune defense.


In addition, this protein has a high similarity to endogenous proteins in the reproductive organs, which can lead to an autoimmune disease as a long-term consequence that causes lasting damage to the reproductive system.

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