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Time loop solution


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THE COVID Complex -
                      and the SiriSana products 

Covid-19 is very likely the product of gain-of-function research in which a bioweapon was created under the guise of medical research. Covid-19 is a bat cold virus that appears to have been modified to become contagious to humans. By switching from bat to human, the virus can attack undetected by the immune system.

According to findings of individual scientists, sequences of AIDS were found in the Covid genome, although the publications were later retracted by these researchers.

Its high infection rate has been compared to Spanish flu, suggesting that Spanish flu sequences were also copied over.


 Balance- S

Many people have experienced that their subjective well-being has suffered after the first encounter with fellow citizens vaccinated against Covid. Verifiable symptoms include:


Menstrual irregularity and pain in women, loss of libido, i.e., testosterone and sperm production in men,

Flu-like symptoms without accompanying respiratory illness, milky sweat with the typical spike protein odor.

Headache, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Inflammatory processes of the skin, such as dermatitis, blistering, shingles, and more. See shedding list here.

According to experience, this so-called shedding can also be transmitted from unvaccinated shedding victims to other people. The exact mechanism is not known, but possibly some components of the vaccines are highly infectious, obviously this would be the mRNA, since this is there to produce spike proteins in the body, and exactly these spike proteins seem to be found in the sweat of the shedding victims.


Whether these symptoms only limit subjective well-being, or whether serious symptoms and physical disabilities such as infertility also result from transmission caused by shedding, has hardly been researched so far.


Since not all components of the vaccines and their modes of action are known, we have taken the precaution of integrating the original signatures of all four approved vaccines into the infopathy of Balance S in order to index all possible ingredients involved in shedding to the immune system so that the body is helped to eliminate transmitted pathogens and substances.

Balance- V

Want to counter possible Covid-19 vaccine side effects?


Among the side effects discussed are:


  • Impairment of reproductive systems due to mRNA, including menstrual irregularities and pain, abortions or malformations in children, loss of libido in men.

  • An accumulation of heart attacks and brain strokes due to blood clots,

  • An excessive production of immune bodies (leukocytes), which can lead to inflammatory processes in the heart, lungs and other organs (autoimmune disease).

  • A weakening of the general immune defense by up to 80 percent. 

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome

  • A magnetization of the body that causes metal to adhere to the skin.

  • A subjective impairment of well-being, described by sufferers as a loss of soul.


Private laboratories have also found a number of undeclared ingredients in the various vaccines. The purely visual comparison of these findings with known structures has led to the suspicion that they could be the following additives:


live fungal mycelium (Morgellons) and the cross domain bacteria associated with this pathogen that colonize the surface of red blood cells, which could theoretically deplete the supply of oxygen and explain chronic fatigue.

Genetically modified amoebae, normally used to fight oil spills, that turn body fat into graphene oxide, which could explain the observed magnetization of the bodies of some vaccinated patients

DARPA hydrogel, a substance developed by the U.S. military that crystallizes rectangular antenna grids in the body, which would theoretically enhance the perception of mental fields, and weaken that of emotional fields, possibly accounting for the subjectively experienced soul loss.


Therefore, we used the original vaccines of the approved manufacturers to provide the immune system with a radionic signature of all declared and undeclared ingredients to better eliminate possible residues from the body. In addition, radionic infopathy is designed to help the body balance damage and imbalances that have already occurred. For more information on this radionic signature, search for "reFertil".

Natürlicher Wasserfall
reFertil is a complex radionic signature. It addresses the damage to the male and female reproductive organs caused by the human body's immune response to the COVID-19 spike protein.


The spike protein is similar to a protein produced by the body that shapes the connective tissue between the uterus and the fertilized egg in women, meaning that immunization against covid can simultaneously prevent or abort pregnancy. However, a disturbance of libido and fertility is also observed in men, although unlike in women, the mechanism here has not yet been fully researched. 


reFertil indexes all components of the common Covid vaccines for the human immune system to be able to eliminate residues of the vaccines as well as possibly infectiously transmitted components of the vaccines, and is expected to change the learned immune response from an adaptive immune response to a quasi-inborn immune response. This would tend to allow covid viruses, spike proteins, and mRNA to be better defended against at the body's border, thereby minimizing the attack on the body's own cells.


We have specified the radionics of reFertil for different target groups.


Balance V is for vaccinated individuals and can be used as a 2 to 3 week course to eliminate vaccine residues. In case of ongoing infertility due to Covid vaccine damage, the transformation of the type of immune response from "Adaptive" to "Innate" plays a crucial role. In this case, a 6-month course of Balance V is recommended, during which time contact with other vaccinated or mRNA carriers (including secondary infections by shedding) should be avoided, or the ACE-2 receptors should be blocked by taking agents containing triterpene. A suitable agent in this case is Vedicinals 9 from the company or optionally CDL.


Balance S is designed for unvaccinated people who only want to counteract the consequences of sheddings during contact with vaccinated people. It is more focused on the mRNA/spike protein aspect, but is otherwise conceptually identical to Balance V in broad areas.


We have imprinted these two radionic signatures on different carrier substances for you: 


  •               colloidal silicon oxide

  •               colloidal magnesium chloride

  •               colloidal silver

  •               globules


Colloidal silicon has the longest life in the body, i.e. a weekly oral intake is sufficient to keep the signature present in the body. Therefore, it is rather a remedy for people who want to take care of their health prophylactically. With intact intestinal flora and function, Colloidal Silicon is absorbed through the oral mucosa as well as through the intestines.


Magnesium Chloride solution in Colloidal Water (Colloidal Magnesium Chloride) goes completely into solution in the body, is thus immediately present and thus unfolds a much higher potency in terms of infopathy. Therefore, daily applications are useful here. This product is recommended for acute symptoms as it unfolds its effect quickly. Absorption is through the skin, thus bypasses possible problems caused by biofilms that seal the intestinal walls.


Colloidal silver is a well-tried antibiotic. Particularly in people vaccinated against covid and in people with late-stage covid, there is increased antibody formation (leukocytes) in the organs, which can lead to autoimmune reactions and ultimately to inflammatory processes. Once this late stage is reached, when the body uses infections to break down destroyed tissue, it can be useful to regulate the intensity of these infections with colloidal silver as an antibiotic.


Covid-19 patients, patients vaccinated against Covid-19, and unvaccinated patients who have come into contact with vaccinated or recovered patients and have ingested the Covid spike protein and/or mRNA by shedding have a common problem:

Their body immunizes against the spike protein. Since the spike protein has a high similarity to the body's own proteins, autoimmune diseases may result, leading to infertility and loss of libido.


Whether the protein comes from the original virus, or from the mRNA from the vaccination, CDL is an effective and almost side-effect-free way to render both the mRNA and the virus harmless in the body.


CDL is thus an alternative to ACE-2 receptor blockers such as triterpene-based agents, which merely block the uptake of virus or mRNA across the cell membrane, thus curbing the rate of replication. CDL attacks pathogens anywhere in the body and burns them through the oxygen released upon contact with a pathogen.

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