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Time loop solution


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and solutions
to current happenings

Inspiration from the 5th Dimension

Time Loop Solution is a family of alternative medicine researchers and health professionals brought together to provide solutions to humanity's most recent health challenges.


The solutions that have emerged from this research,

combine the knowledge...

of colloid-based medicine

and infopathy.

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Lakhovsky -      


                                             Cosmic spiral



At SIRISANA® we make use of the balancing and restorative effects of the Lakhovsky Cosmic Spiral, both in the form of an energizing symbol on our labels and of deposited information on the colloidal products themselves. 


Experience a new health technology

for body, mind and soul!


The cosmic spiral is a synthesis of the spiral shape resulting from the Golden Section and the Lakhovsky Antenna. The Lakhovsky antenna is a substation that absorbs biological fields of all possible frequencies and emits this energy on the frequency where it receives the least input. Working with this antenna on the human body, the various vital functions are energetically synchronized and harmonized. 


In combination with the coiled form of the Golden Section, this antenna form attracts additional energy from the cosmos and makes it available to the overall system. This energization on all frequencies promotes detoxification processes and increases vitality and well-being.


Alignment - Stability - Erection

for body - mind and soul


Ast halten
TRUST in nature
and our body
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